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I818789 Buyer's Feedback

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Feedback 0.00 out of 10 0.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/10 10.00 out of 10 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Total Jobs 7 projects
Investments $0.00 $0.00
Job Title & Description Start Date Job Executed in Paid Job Type Provider Rating
Joomla Setup - Install 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
2007-02-01 13:17:57 2 hours N/A project russianfreelance (46) 10
Update Program 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
glad to bussiness with Jack. thanks :)
2007-01-28 15:15:39 7 days N/A project maxdev (205) 10
Redesign/develop Website 
Job in progress, once the provider finishes work the buyer will write a review
2007-01-26 22:47:00 In progress... N/A project pichnand (3) N/A
Writer For 2pg Letter 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Serious person to work with. Explains his requirements quite clearly and helps you through the process. Will work with him again!!
2006-11-09 10:34:35 9 days N/A project OnlineTranslator (12) 10
Redesign, Joomla Template 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Our sincere thank to Jason for this project. The project was really hard to match Microsoft Menu style at this budget. Jason be patient and gave us full time to get this done. We are happy that we could finish this project with 100% accuracy, as exact, exact, exact was what Jason Lookoing for. Looking forward to work with such perfectionist again.
2006-10-27 19:05:00 1 month N/A project vakapoor (20) 10
website to MS Access 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Recommended person from me for business. outsource your project without any risk.
2006-07-14 17:10:56 7 days N/A project maxdev (205) 10
Web Data To Access 
Job in progress, once the provider finishes work the buyer will write a review
2006-03-10 21:42:08 In progress... N/A project lebaran (4) N/A
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