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Feedback 0.00 out of 10 0.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/10 9.92 out of 10 9.92.00/109.92.00/109.92.00/109.92.00/109.92.00/109.92.00/109.92.00/109.92.00/109.92.00/109.92.00/10
Total Jobs 30 projects
Earnings $0.00 $3,220.00
Job Title & Description Start Date Job Executed in Paid Job Type Buyer Rating
Reseller Site 
No feedback provided
2010-09-30 13:33:54 N/A $600.00 project Margwall (4) N/A
Script Modification 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
tinuvj is more than excellent. He finished project in time frame. His knowledge is great. We guys will work forever with tinuvj.
2010-08-09 13:10:00 19 days $125.00 project zayarln (1) 10
Javascript NINJA To Use Cookies 8.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/10
a few technical difficulties but we did it :) thanks for the job!
2010-07-26 03:48:48 1 month $75.00 project Rodiin (19) 8
Classified Site Turkish 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Very happy with the quality of the work produced. Excellent communication, very accomodating. Timely Delivery. I recommend this Company. I would reuse. Thanks
2010-07-05 08:24:32 1 month $150.00 project videsite (3) 10
Website Design Database 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
ExtExcellent work, exactly what I wanted. Highly recommended.
2010-07-01 21:18:00 21 days $100.00 project Jacko68 (1) 10
Dynamic Page Content 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Tinu at Wexmo Technologies was excellent. It was a small project but fiddley. Tinu took the time to communicate until he knew exactly what was required.
2010-06-28 00:06:37 1 day $150.00 project ozzymon (1) 10
Web Site Development 
Job in progress, once the provider finishes work the buyer will write a review
2010-06-26 05:05:45 In progress... N/A project GHJoo N/A
Web Design And Database Development 
Job in progress, once the provider finishes work the buyer will write a review
2010-06-24 07:48:00 In progress... N/A project moon87 N/A
File Upload Page 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Extremely quick work, exactly what I wanted. Highly recommended.
2010-05-18 06:30:46 1 hour $60.00 project cmore (3) 10
RV Campground Reservation Page 
No feedback provided
2010-04-10 04:47:00 N/A $100.00 project ahibbitts (2) N/A
Intergrate FCKeditor To CMS 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Excellent and fast work. Although one part was resolved by myself, it was handled well by this coder. Very helpful throughout and can communicate with him easily. Will look for him for another job.
2010-03-30 12:53:39 9 days $45.00 project dstme (6) 10
Php Mysql Security 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
helpful and knowledgeable beyond requirements. great communication throughout entire process. will use again.
2010-03-23 23:34:00 1 hour $50.00 project jaredw (10) 10
Appointment Setting Web App 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
He is a dedicated programmer. He is creative as well. He was quick to bid, and quick to get to work. I think the consumers in general that need the work done, need to realize that even a simple project can require very intense testing and analysis for proper work flow. These things can take longer than anticipated. He was very available via chat nearly 18 hours a day. He even has very inexpensive hosting that you can use if you are in a hurry and do not feel like searching around. It has its advantages such as he can quickly gain access to help support you. He appears to be a 1 man operation which is why his rates are a better, but he works quickly, he is motivated to finish, and you are not talking to different team members each day who need updating of previous progress or failure. I believe you will be satisfied with the service and the product he will deliver to you.
2010-02-21 19:06:33 1 month $400.00 project steveepm (2) 10
Flash Template Modifications 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Amazing work.. These guys know what they are doing.. Highly recommended
2010-01-29 01:19:07 1 month $125.00 project delphig (1) 10
Whmauto Pilot And Webhosting 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Wonderful,,,,,, Wonderful, wonderful. Patient, smart and thinks out of the box. Will definitely have a long term relationship. I ran into some trouble but tinuvj was very patient. Thank you
2010-01-28 09:41:51 1 month $100.00 project umpalumpa (3) 10
PHP Programming 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Tinu has done a great job, he is a very skilled web designer and php programmer. I will use him again for future projects. Thanks Tinu!
2010-01-25 11:44:00 2 days $25.00 project yousefla (9) 10
Flash Work 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Most of coders on GAC are not well in Flash. This developer is really expert in Flash. 10x highly recommended for flash work. He insurt extra smilies in my Flash chat room. which i think was not possible. tried with 4 other diffrent developers. but all of them was not usefull.
2010-01-15 11:43:00 2 days $100.00 project ringomax (7) 10
WHMCS Configuration 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
EXCELLENT work! Had very good knowledge of what he was doing and completed quickly and took time to explain everything! Would recommend to anyone that needs quality work! Outstanding worker!
2010-01-11 16:40:48 9 hours $20.00 project CopperTop (2) 10
Make FLA From SWF 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
This guy was a life saver. Absolutely amazing work! Honest and great quality i will use this guy alone for every other job i ever have. I went through several companies to get to one i was pleased with. I would recommend this company above all others. One of my best experiences ever!! AAAA++++++
2009-12-29 10:26:45 9 days $50.00 project mford05 (3) 10
Flash Site 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
This person absolutely saved my site. I had purchased a template from an online site and had paid another person through GAC to tweak it. The did but the contact form never worked. The first company made me pay to get the FLA file of the origonal work and it was not the worked file and it was corrupt. I was about to give up and i hired this company. The worked with me day and night to correct the issue and rebuilt my whole site for me and correct the issues from another company- I can not express how awesome they were! I will only be working with them from here on out. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
2009-12-23 14:42:05 5 days $100.00 project mford05 (3) 10
Web Design 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Tenuvj truly dedicated PHP /mysql programmer/Designer , and he designed our web site such a neat and nice look. Very talented and professional. Great results and i will work with again.
2009-12-18 14:18:16 8 days $100.00 project infonade2009 (1) 10
Calculator Fixing 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Thank you very did a great job and you do more than I want.. really I want to work with you again Thank you again..
2009-12-18 05:57:00 2 days $40.00 project vilotwind (5) 10
Job in progress, once the provider finishes work the buyer will write a review
2009-11-17 16:47:30 In progress... N/A project mandm2 N/A
Rewamp Website 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Great job. Timely, attentive, knowledgeable.
2009-11-17 13:32:00 5 months $150.00 project Ollie11132 (3) 10
Flash Scrolling Program List 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Top notch work and service. The project was completed in the estimated time and was done to the requested specifications. Communication was quick and efficient. I hope to work again in the future on other projects. Thanks!
2009-11-13 22:41:00 2 days $125.00 project petei (11) 10
Website Pages 
No feedback provided
2009-10-21 14:25:00 N/A $30.00 project sj3 (5) N/A
Classified Ad Website 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
very satisfied with the communication and updates... quality work and would recommend this provider to anyone. did everything exactly how i asked
2009-10-17 16:03:50 17 days $300.00 project flcamp408 (1) 10
SabcFlash2009 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
great job! fast work and per specs.
2009-10-13 10:21:00 11 hours $30.00 project endel2005 (49) 10
PestFlash2009 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
great coder. does excellent work. exactly as you specify.
2009-10-13 10:14:00 17 minutes $50.00 project endel2005 (49) 10
Contact Form Code Generator 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Great to work with. Fast, efficient and amicable. Thanks!
2009-10-08 02:16:46 4 days $20.00 project fabianlg (1) 10
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