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  Last 6 Months Ago Lifetime
Feedback 10.00 out of 10 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10 9.65 out of 10 9.65.00/109.65.00/109.65.00/109.65.00/109.65.00/109.65.00/109.65.00/109.65.00/109.65.00/109.65.00/10
Total Jobs 2 projects 1 hourly job + 89 projects
Earnings $300.00 $19,647.00
Job Title & Description Start Date Job Executed in Paid Job Type Buyer Rating
Add Page To Website 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Got the job done quickly
2015-06-19 11:16:37 3 hours $50.00 project tdennis7 (1) 10
Soccerhistory 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
This is the best programmer i ever used. He did exactly what i required. Absolutely top man.
2015-06-01 17:07:38 12 days $250.00 project soccercareers (2) 10
WDA Order Form 
Job in progress, once the provider finishes work the buyer will write a review
2014-09-08 04:27:45 In progress... N/A project sswoll N/A
Evoke Projects 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Excellent job!! Fast and efficient. Thank you.
2014-08-25 09:13:41 1 day $30.00 project dparreira (2) 10
Neupost Tracking System 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Very quick and efficient in his work. A very helpful individual as well. Will recommend him when there is other opportunities for other projects.
2014-07-22 06:48:04 11 hours $100.00 project crisscogroup (1) 10
Facebbok App Server Migration 7.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/10
It was ok, not excelent but understood what was asked
2014-07-10 10:55:00 20 days $120.00 project mgallo (6) 7
Formula Module 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
very good work will hire again. Regards George
2014-04-04 05:53:41 10 months $800.00 project GeorgeQw (7) 10
Back End Coding 
No feedback provided
2014-01-22 14:59:00 N/A $250.00 project SebastianHWells (1) N/A
VB .Net Correction Project 7.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/10
good job, nice person
2014-01-08 13:54:42 3 months $70.00 project kyr (1) 7
Rich Internet Application 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Produced exactly what i needed very quickly.
2013-12-08 12:40:39 5 days $150.00 project FitzroyAve (1) 10
Code Functions On Uploadingsite 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Excellent coding and he is hard worker. I will work with him in the future. We discuss all the time and find out whats wrong and try to solve the problem together. Good job in trying to understand and correct problems as they come. I gave him Bonus
2013-08-28 14:28:28 3 months $275.00 project nybraa (11) 10
Form And Back-end Auto-generator 
No feedback provided
2013-07-31 07:49:48 N/A N/A project mbraganca N/A
Q And A Survey Custom App 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
I can only tell you that Sumanta has one mission, to make sure that your project is done the way you want it. The work ethic is second to none. I have worked with several on GAC and Sumanta tops them all.
2013-06-14 08:23:00 4 months $800.00 project dp24 (5) 10
Support Site 
No feedback provided
2013-05-17 04:24:55 N/A $480.00 project rbevaart (1) N/A
Database Work 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
as usual.great work,fast and good
2012-11-06 16:02:54 3 days $200.00 project raxoo (10) 10
Api Integration 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Very nice! came through as i expected ,nice work,good communication,good support
2012-10-13 02:42:18 17 days $400.00 project raxoo (10) 10
Postback 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
great work,and fast,nicely done !great support to
2012-10-04 16:57:15 5 days $140.00 project raxoo (10) 10
Api Integration 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
What can i say..Nice ! fast and efficient . I recommend him . Highly
2012-09-29 05:57:32 5 days $275.00 project raxoo (10) 10
PHP Bid Application 
No feedback provided
2012-09-25 17:45:56 N/A N/A project LittleRickyW (5) N/A
Domain Redirection 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
As usual -great work,fast,great communication . Recommended !
2012-09-21 15:03:42 6 days $170.00 project raxoo (10) 10
Layout Modification 
No feedback provided
2012-09-14 09:48:44 N/A $120.00 project rdbizz (5) N/A
Design & Security 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Fast and very good!
2012-09-13 16:15:45 5 days $400.00 project raxoo (10) 10
Fix C Sharp Application 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
A+++++ Sumanta is a very hard working coder, Very highly recommended, Thank you very much Sumanta
2012-09-02 10:27:37 13 days $100.00 project dpeterson (38) 10
Modifications+security 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
as usual..everything worked smooth..Nice work,Excellent done. Highly recommended !
2012-08-20 07:37:39 11 days $400.00 project raxoo (10) 10
Adding Futures To A Websites 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
As usual,Great work!
2012-08-13 16:58:17 6 days $270.00 project raxoo (10) 10
Email Template Update 8.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/108.00/10
Good turnaround and great communication. Had a few rounds of going back and forth - but able to get things solidified on our email template revision fairly quick.
2012-08-08 15:51:59 1 day $25.00 project cheeseboy (1) 8
Website Leyout Changes 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
As usual.Best service,would ,and will hire again .Thank you
2012-08-02 15:55:51 10 days $100.00 project raxoo (10) 10
Script Modificating 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Excellent indeed .Very fast,very professional.Recomnded +++ Fast comunication,and wont give up on you ! if you want to get something done...just check out Sumanta007
2012-07-28 07:34:00 2 days $200.00 project raxoo (10) 10
Web SMS Gateway Backoffice AJAX 
No feedback provided
2011-10-23 05:21:00 N/A N/A project spectresrl (2) N/A
Job Listing And Work Profile 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Works perfectly and are very understanding. He is a treat to work with and is the best i have worked with on GAC, and i have been working with a few. RECOMMENDED!
2011-10-23 04:43:00 1 year $230.00 project nybraa (11) 10
Web Reporting 9.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/10
I recommended Sumanta as best web programmer. And Sumanta is also very supportive when I have problem. Keep good Work !!
2011-09-22 10:44:50 1 month $650.00 project gunawan (1) 9
Form To Calculate And Pass Value 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Quickly wrote a script which did the job i asked for. Good communication. I would recommend Sumanta to anyone else.
2011-08-28 11:27:46 1 day $100.00 project stigskog (1) 10
PHP Script 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
A+++++++++ Simply excellent, and true to his words Great communication. Excellent skills. Fast response to requests. All work was provided as specified. Happy to work with my needs. Will be using again. Good Work!
2011-08-10 23:19:32 1 month $250.00 project dpeterson (38) 10
HTML Press Release Form 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Sumanta's main strength is his ability to show care for the client and the project and also apply any amendments that need to be made promptly. He has a great knowedge of php in particular and understood this most important aspect of my initial project.
2011-08-09 15:54:56 18 days $150.00 project rockwaves (2) 10
Proposal Calculation - Web Based 2.00/102.00/102.00/102.00/102.00/102.00/102.00/102.00/102.00/102.00/10
Altought Sumanta is reachable most of the time his work quality needs much improvement. Has very little ability in writing documents. User interface is simple and badly designed. OVERALL: Did not deliver an acceptable job. I would be careful with the other reviews. Not realistic.
2011-08-09 11:52:03 1 month $300.00 project jproter (1) 2
Adding 3 Links To Website 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Once again perfect work (very small job) but happy thanks Sumanta007
2011-07-31 12:34:31 10 hours $20.00 project Peterjames (3) 10
Setup AJAX Chat 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
I asked Sumanta007 to help me with a last minute job, he went to absolute lengths to make sure the job was complete within the time frame. He was a bit quiet at first, but as the project drew to completion i could tell he was taking personal pride in my project to make sure it was completed to the best of his abilities, which ended up being far more than my expectations. I can only hope to work with him in the near future, I paid him 100% upfront which i only did due to his prior reviews, and i wasn't let down. Thankyou Sumanta for all your hard work i wish you all the best in the future
2011-07-29 22:06:44 18 hours $80.00 project Peterjames (3) 10
Fix Forms To Send Email 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Sumanta007 was very quick to fix the problem and new exactly what the issue was upon our discussion on chat. Great work give him an opportunity.
2011-07-26 20:00:00 7 days $100.00 project gnunez (19) 10
Web Based Timesheet Php MySQL 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
A++++++, Sumanta is an excellent coder. True to his words, He did exactly what He said he will do He has gone above and beyond what I asked of him, extremely good work ethic. He is a hard working man, very highly recommended. If you want your project done right, He is the man. It was a pleasure working with him; I will do business with him again. Thank you Sumanta for everything you have done.
2011-06-11 09:58:32 1 month $1,000.00 project dpeterson (38) 10
Tabs With Drop Down List. 7.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/107.00/10
Sumanta is a very hard worker. Unlike many coders, Sumanta won't give up if he finds the project to be larger than he first estimated. He enjoys a technical challenge, so the difficult projects are motivating for him.
2011-06-03 22:51:35 1 month $400.00 project sdarden (2) 7
Website Pages 
No feedback provided
2011-05-19 15:27:00 N/A N/A project smilemedia N/A
Online Electronic Parts Catalog 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Excellent coder, very highly recommended. Fast & effective with good communication throughout project
2011-05-06 08:14:00 1 month $2,500.00 project simonrip (29) 10
PHPPage For Changing MYSQL Field 9.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/10
Sumanta's work and coding is very good, with a very fast turnaround time. We ran into a bit of a road block that delayed things and that tested each other's patience, but we managed to get there in the end. I would recommend him.
2011-04-16 06:18:29 3 days $60.00 project Plugmusc (1) 9
Jquery Search Form Results To Tabs 9.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/10
Good coder, worked through the issues to provide a fully working product, with the promise of further support should any issues arise
2011-04-06 22:52:00 10 days $100.00 project mikiejj01 (2) 9
Application Form 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Good problems.Would work with again
2011-04-02 19:56:13 3 days $100.00 project itbureau (4) 10
Database Management App 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Supremely Satisfied! Hire him for his communication. Some times he gets going on and you cannot understand him. If you just stop him he'll dumb things down. Worked threw all the problems i could create, and i'm an expert at creating problems! :)
2011-03-27 13:27:36 22 days $400.00 project mobsterbot (1) 10
Website Order Form 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Very satisfied. Thanks!
2011-03-15 15:37:00 7 days $50.00 project shuigen (15) 10
8-Page Website 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Sumanta is an excellent programmer. He has gone above and beyond what was asked of him. I have worked with him on several projects now and you can have confidence in his abilities as a programmer.
2011-02-27 01:16:37 2 months $350.00 project technotommy (25) 10
Instant Price Calculator 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Sumanta went above and beyond to complete my project and the original request on the project was finished on time but I added additional work which he did and I am 150% satisfied. I will recommend him to anyone and will get more work done. Again Thanks for a great job.
2011-02-05 09:02:45 2 months $200.00 project imyomel (1) 10
Build MYSQL Database 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Very good work. Made changes as requested. Very quick turnaround. Very patient.
2010-12-12 13:05:00 28 days $100.00 project mnelson17 (1) 10
Javascript API Scribd Reader 9.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/10
Sumanta is really good, even though the project hit some hurdles with incompatible code with the application I wanted on my site, he tried many different options. The project still achieved largely what I wanted because of his good work, I would recommend him.
2010-12-08 17:47:00 4 days $150.00 project Elusor (1) 9
Website Development 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
excellent coder. great communication. advised
2010-12-04 10:15:00 2 months $175.00 project lucamarita (4) 10
HTML Table Generator 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Wonderful work! My project was completed immediately. He will change anything you need, and cares a lot about his client. I would recommend him to anyone looking for quality work. This guy works hard to give you what you want!
2010-12-01 17:04:32 3 days $35.00 project weblizzard (2) 10
Ecommerce Platform Backend 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
good coder, recommand
2010-10-17 07:44:04 1 month $300.00 project bbjustborn (2) 10
Dynamic Pricing Form For Zencart 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Superior communication and eagerness to get the job done completely and accurately. The job was much more difficult than either of us anticipated, and Sumanta took it one step at a time until each challenge was overcome. Will 100% utilizes his services again on future projects.
2010-09-29 06:08:00 1 month $150.00 project bKrisak (5) 10
Login System With User Credits 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Good job if you consider that the work to do was not very precisely defined and I was a little busy to supervise the work.
2010-09-17 03:21:10 19 days $165.00 project DigitalAnalog (2) 10
Ecommerce Site 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Good Work all around! He went back and made many extra changes to complete the project! WIll work with again!
2010-08-22 18:02:00 19 days $115.00 project myhaggle (9) 10
Online Fantasy Football Game 
No feedback provided
2010-07-26 08:06:05 N/A N/A project jonathangreen1 (2) N/A
Web Calendar 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Way beyond my expectations. Sumanta is very patient and will go over and beyond to make sure you get what you want. Out of all the bidders, he really made me feel like he wanted to work on my project. I've learned so much from him about things I didn't have a clue about. GREAT communication. Will do work with him again and recommend him. Thanks Again!!!
2010-07-24 20:21:00 11 days $100.00 project fpoblue2 (1) 10
Bugfixes And Additions To WYSIWYG 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Extremely good work ethic. Works long hours and keeps rigorous communication going throughout project. Very determined to do a good job. Genuinely interested and very nice guy. After many long weeks of work, we were very happy with project outcome.
2010-07-24 10:43:00 2 months $350.00 project cronoklee (1) 10
Pet Grooming Software 9.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/10
Excellent to work with. Listens and work hard and in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend.
2010-07-12 11:38:22 13 days $250.00 project eric45 (1) 9
Restore MS SQL .Bak File 9.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/10
Good work, thanks. Appreciated the swift response.
2010-06-30 11:17:33 1 hour $20.00 project capitaldigital (11) 9
Bring Taxi Phase 1.5 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
I love working with this guy. Amazing work. I am so proud of our creation! Will rehire many more times.
2010-06-17 12:45:01 13 days $80.00 project dunztar (3) 10
A Small Lamp Booking System 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Sumanta is very proffesional, pacient, he wants your best. I'm very satisfied with his work. Thanks!
2010-06-12 08:56:12 25 days $175.00 project vivasol (3) 10
Calculate Expenses 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Project complete ahead of schedule
2010-06-07 11:52:00 4 days $220.00 project foremostevents (1) 10
Append/Insert To File Using ASP 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Excellent work! Work was done quickly and as expected. Good communication and good programmer. Will use again.
2010-06-04 10:45:12 2 days $200.00 project earthsendangered (1) 10
Taxi Reservations 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Sumanta was one of the first people to bid on my project. From the beginning I knew he was the guy to hire for this project. Sumanta gave me ideas from the beginning to make this project as efficient as possible. He did a great job. I will definatedly rehire him for future projects as he did a great job. Do not hesitate on hiring Sumanta. If you want somebody to work on your project non-stop, make the system work for you 100%, then hire Sumanta. This project was not easy to do at all, yet he made everything work and was able to furfill my crazy requests!
2010-05-20 22:11:12 29 days $350.00 project dunztar (3) 10
Add To Cart Paypal Pipeline Site 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Amazing, great communication and fast work. Very professional, use this guy over anyone else. Thankyou so much
2010-05-11 14:53:00 11 days $300.00 project deethree (1) 10
Database To Web Design 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Very good coder, does excelent work. Great communication throughout project. Would recomend him for any major database project. Hope to use him again in the future.
2010-05-10 22:41:49 7 days $250.00 project jamesc6426 (1) 10
.net App To Web Conversion Adds 
No feedback provided
2010-05-06 12:23:47 N/A N/A project camelot1968 (12) N/A
Create Visual Basic 2005 Application 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Great job, and timely
2010-05-01 18:21:00 4 hours $40.00 project curtisyoung (9) 10
.Net App To Web Conversion 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Did an excellent job. Asks lots of questions to get things right.
2010-04-12 19:08:00 19 days $200.00 project camelot1968 (12) 10
Data Connected Applications 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Master mind, timely submission and very hard working! thank you for all your help buddy, i will do business with you in the future. thanks.
2010-03-20 20:00:00 16 days $80.00 project ebad050 (6) 10
PayPal Development 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
He did a greate job for me.
2010-03-08 06:20:00 1 day $30.00 project softwareDe (8) 10
MySQLqueries And Display Results 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
very good communication, excellent attention to detail and will adjust your project to meet your exact needs
2010-02-26 21:16:55 1 day $50.00 project encryptoman (2) 10
Create HTML From XML File 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Very communicative, quick worker.
2010-02-08 22:21:49 9 days $50.00 project gregtalbot (11) 10
Add Image Upload To Site 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
great job. works fast.
2010-01-01 21:12:15 15 days $100.00 project speedman1 (3) 10
Developmnet Of Website 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Sumanta did an excellent job on the website. Although we had a difficult start in terms of design Sumanta came up with some good ideas and was committed to finishing the job within the timeframe. The final result was certainly above the expectations and I can recommend Sumanta as a skilled, helpful coder who is also excellent in his communication.
2009-12-23 15:59:15 3 months $350.00 project hhkonijn (1) 10
Combining Two Reports 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Sumanta obviously knows what he is doing. He has more than filled my requirements and has been very helpful in making the minor adjustments that I requested without even asking for more $. I would be happy to work with him again.
2009-11-19 00:28:54 18 days $100.00 project Putz (2) 10
Questionnaire Building 9.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/10
I am very pleased with the work from Sumanta. He communicates very well and works quick. His code is nice and clear. Thanks for a job well done!
2009-10-26 16:22:00 8 days $50.00 project Dompi (1) 9
Html Form Redesign 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Sumanta is responsive and did a very good job. Although I did not request any revisions, he contacted me back several times to see if I needed further assistance. I will use him again.
2009-10-17 18:53:00 6 days $8.00 hourly job mdt (11) 10
No feedback provided
2009-10-16 02:31:26 N/A N/A project ohms (3) N/A
Excel Colors 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Great communication. High quality work. We can highly recommend this programmer!
2009-10-08 14:29:02 1 day $30.00 project hanss (3) 10
ASP.Net 1.1 With VB Project 9.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/10
As requested, and done quickly
2009-09-10 23:38:29 9 days $100.00 project Cigh (1) 9
Invoice 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Very good coder. I will definitely work with you again. All the best.
2009-08-27 20:53:17 12 days $100.00 project pepe007 (8) 10
Java Script 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Great programmer thats explains work very very well. I will use him again and also recommend his work. AWESOME JOB!!!
2009-08-09 22:00:00 6 days $60.00 project ohms (3) 10
Member Stores Site W/ Article & 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Sumanta proved to be an excellent programmer on this complex dynamic site. Communication was never an issue which is rare with alot of programmers. He also did not fudge on his skills knowledge as he was able to address all of my issues and whenever there was any confusion on what was to be expected we quickly opened a chat and resolved the issue and moved forward. Will definately continue to use him on my future projects.
2009-07-24 15:58:30 4 months $1,500.00 project speedman1 (3) 10
Employee Monitor 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Great coder. Easy to work with. Excellent communication and coding skills!! We made many changes on our project, but coder cheerfully made the changes.
2009-07-07 08:05:57 13 days $100.00 project technotommy (25) 10
Sql Server Report 
No feedback provided
2009-06-22 15:36:47 N/A N/A project mainship N/A
Million pixel 
No feedback provided
2009-06-04 11:24:08 N/A N/A project pixel90 N/A
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