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2009-11-30 07:19:25 N/A N/A question nmsdesign N/A
Fyler Design 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
ricardo produced a flyer and a video-invite. Both was highly satisfactory. He did a multitude of revisions and has much creativity. Highly recommend him for such work!
2009-06-24 11:08:21 12 days $30.00 project cuellito (5) 10
Web-based Flash Menu - SwishMax 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
What an amazing coder. The coder did an absolutely amazing job. I highly recommend him, you will not be disappointed. He created a flash animation menu of options with amazing background graphics that far exceeded my expectations. Thank you again ricardo.
2009-06-21 17:13:09 1 day $50.00 project technotommy (25) 10
Flash Animation For Site Header 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
He has completed an excellent work in flash. I really recommend his work. He understood all requirements very well and finish that on time! I'd work with him again, no doubts. :)
2009-03-06 08:59:54 5 days $60.00 project grsegantini (1) 10
Translation into Portuguese 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Great job translating English XML file to Portuguese. Fast turn around. No broken XML.
2007-11-16 04:14:50 11 days $20.00 project LuciusF (6) 10
Translation To Portuguese 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
It was a small job, but Ricardo turned around vert fast.
2007-02-07 22:51:22 12 hours N/A project LuciusF (6) 10
Website For Dj 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Excellent designer with good knowledges of photoshop and flash. Quick worker. I am very satisfied and I recommend.
2007-01-19 12:17:22 22 hours N/A project VanDyk (1) 10
Orion 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Outstanding abillity to come with great ideas and have a fantastic finish and quality to his work. I would work with Ricardo again.
2006-12-09 08:39:15 1 month N/A project nayaluna (2) 10
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