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Musical Portal

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Development cost:

US$ 300-1000

Execution time:
Within 1 Month
Web Design / Development, Website Development
Information Technology, Software, Hardware, Electronics

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Work Done:

This is an Musical portal site where end user can create their own music list.Here user can implement a chain business system.Paypal is the payment gateway embeded for buying and paying subscriptions.Here end user can create their own mobile enabled locker which they can access any time from their mobile directly.After user pay for a ringtone they can get 2 options. They can directly download the ringtone to his mobile phone or they can save the ringtone in the mobile locker section and they can download it when ever they wants.User can also track abt the chain system.User can see who download his uploaded ringtones and how much time they have doenloaded it. This site have a great admin section.In the admin section admin can add new ringtones.Can active deactive user account,admin can also keep track abt the chain system created by the user,admin can also control all the content of the site using the CMS(Content Management System).admin can also pay user directly from the admin panel based on the ueser earned through the chain business in the user section. Software Used: Asp.net2.0,Sqlserver2005,HTML[CSS],Photoshop,Flash, mobile control
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