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System of mobile payments processing

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Development cost:

US$ >3000

Execution time:
Within 3 Months
Computer Platforms, Programming, Security

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Work Done:

System was developed for a Maltese company. System allows merchants send the invoices to customers. Also it allows customers receive and pay the invoices with the help of Java-application installed to the cell phone. As a tool of payment Visa and Master Card are used. How the System works. Merchant sends an invoice to the customer through web-terminal. Invoice is received by the processing center of our partner. Processing center sends the customer an SMS with notification, that there is a new invoice received. Having received the SMS, customer launches Java-application on his cell phone and confirm his willingness to pay the invoice. Confirmation of the invoice payment goes to the server. Our partner's system connects VISA/MC processing center and makes an electronic transaction, transferring the money from the customer's card account to the merchant's one. System Architecture: The base of this system is three-layered architecture (Web-layer, application logics layer and data layer), realized on the basis of J2EE. FireWall – filters incoming traffic, provides defense from DDos attacks. Web Cluster – provides processing of HTTP requests, which are sent by merchants and customers` Java-applications on the cell phones. As a WEB-server Apache-Tomcat is used. Each server in the web-cluster has 2 network interfaces. Thus there is no access to data base servers and applications from Internet, which makes the system very safe. DMZ – Internal network of the system, which includes application servers and databases. Hardware Switch – internal network switch. APP Cluster – application servers cluster. As an application server JBOSS is used. DB Server – servers of Oracle database working in the Stand-by mode. Technologies: Java(J2EE, J2ME) Oracle
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