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PocketPC Networked Consumer Application

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Development cost:

US$ >3000

Execution time:
Within 3 Months
Embedded Systems, Hand Held / PDA, C#

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Work Done:

A solution was developed to demonstrate the new technological advances in local area interaction for one of top Mobile Handset Manufacturer's research lab. It involved creating an application targeted for PocketPC/WindowsMobile handsets, which high end and consumer friendly UI. The application would connect to suite of existing Webservices/Webservers, designed for the standalone PC but adapted via our middle tier to function on a Pocket PC. The application would use GPRS/CDMA or WiFi to download data and upload data from the middle tier. This allowed for the users to be able to store all their relevant information on the Webserver, and only need to ID themselves via a ID and password in the application to get their account settings and information. The application on PocketPC would allow the users to interact with each other and their environment, and then record the newly created content to the Webserver. In addition, the devices were able to communicate with each other via a local area technologies and without the help of the webserver. We have a demo we can let you try out. *We are unable to give more details without an NDA.
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