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Pete2007 Buyer's Feedback

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  Last 6 Months Ago Lifetime
Feedback 0.00 out of 10 0.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/100.00/10 9.93 out of 10 9.92857142857.00/109.92857142857.00/109.92857142857.00/109.92857142857.00/109.92857142857.00/109.92857142857.00/109.92857142857.00/109.92857142857.00/109.92857142857.00/109.92857142857.00/10
Total Jobs 14 projects
Investments $0.00 $1,015.00
Job Title & Description Start Date Job Executed in Paid Job Type Provider Rating
Mobile Website For Osc Website 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Exellent buyer.would like to work with him again.thanks pete
2013-06-12 16:48:58 1 month $350.00 project rntsolutions (69) 10
Oscommerce Projects 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Excellent buyer, very good communication, Very Cool. A++++++++++. willing to work him with again. Thanks Peter
2009-12-23 04:41:00 17 days $100.00 project venku0106 (43) 10
MS Works Spreadsheet Template 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Excellent buyer, very good communication, friendly behavior. We again want to work for this buyer.
2008-09-08 12:00:22 11 days $25.00 project TechnoVilla (208) 10
Article Writing 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Great client. Clear instructions and instant payment. Would love to work again with Pete. Highly Recommended. A+++++++++++++++++
2008-08-08 09:15:00 4 days $55.00 project webcont247365 (8) 10
Build Osc Shipping Module 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Pete was able to be clear about requirements and provide more help during project and payment was made very quickly once work had been completed. Happy to work for again any time! Thanks
2008-06-20 08:59:20 7 days $90.00 project jarvisliu (16) 10
Osc Project 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Great as usual. We can't wait to work on your next projects. We are grateful for what you've done for us. Wish you all the best!
2008-03-26 16:25:12 21 hours $30.00 project AHTproweb (5) 10
Oscommerce 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Once again, Pete proves himself as our best customer. We would like to offer our best service to you so you will use us on his upcoming projects. We owe you many thanks. Best wishes!
2008-03-10 03:38:13 14 minutes $30.00 project AHTproweb (5) 10
More Oscommerce Work 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Pete is a very pleasant client who always knows how to achieve success together with you. We are lucky enough to find him as a longterm partner. Thankyou very much. Wish you all the best.
2008-01-30 14:45:14 27 days $50.00 project AHTproweb (5) 10
Project To AHTproweb 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
We found ourselves lucky enough to have another opportunity to work with Pete after the first one has been completed successfully. He brings about huge pleasure to our team. We would like, in return, to supply our best job quality as possible. Thank you very much, Pete. We are immensely fascinated when having you as a long-term partner. Best wishes. AHTproweb
2008-01-14 15:07:29 1 hour $60.00 project AHTproweb (5) 10
Redesigning Logo Header 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Great client to work with. Patient, helpful, punctuate, generous, thoughtful and really outgoing... He is a man of a modern and dynamic world, a client of prospective projects. Working with him means you are moving forward on your business. We always expect to work with him on his next projects. Thanks a lot. AHT Jsc.
2007-12-05 18:22:00 15 days $60.00 project AHTproweb (5) 10
Oscommerce Installation 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Excellent buyer. Very friendly, cooperative and great communication skills. Payment was made as soon as he saw the work done. Really look forward to get his further opportunities. Thank you Pete you are the BEST.
2007-11-11 12:14:00 9 days $40.00 project alinaqvi (89) 10
Oscommerce Installation 9.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/109.00/10
Good buyer with good communication skills.
2007-11-03 17:43:00 5 days $20.00 project codex (14) 9
OsCommerce Work 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Excellent buyer, All updated specs and payment on time A++
2007-10-26 20:32:49 1 day $30.00 project amanind (27) 10
Flash Banner With 444x294 Pixels 10.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/1010.00/10
Great experience working with this webmaster. very cooperative and fast payment.
2007-10-10 19:31:00 13 days $75.00 project examplevc (5) 10
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