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LC-3 Assembly Language Program

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Job Type: Project
Budget: $ 20-100
Required Skills: Assembly / Machine language, Programming
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1. Need to write an LC-3 assembly language program that repeatedly asks the user for 1-digit numbers until they enter the number 0. Each number must be echoed on screen as it is entered. The user must be told that the number 0 is the sentinel that ends the input.

2. Alter your program so that the numbers are placed in an array of size 10. The program must now ensure that input is stopped when either the sentinel is entered or the array is full. The program must then output the stored integers to screen, one per line.

3. Alter your code so that it outputs an error message if the user inputs no numbers (i.e. the first number entered is 0).

4. Alter your program so that it outputs the minimum number in the array.

5. Refactor your program so that it uses functions. It is up to you whether you create and use a program stack, however use of a program stack is worth more marks.

6. Alter your code so that the integers are sorted into ascending order using a simple bubble sort1. The numbers and minimum must then be output as described above.

7. Alter your code so that the sort is done in a separate function (if you did not code it that way to start with).

8. Alter your program so that it works for numbers with more than 1 digit.

Note: when writing code in assembly, whether you design first or not, it is strongly suggested that you compile and test your code after writing every line or set of lines.
Testing your code in this sense involves stepping through it, checking after each line that the registers and variables contain exactly what you think they should!


* Statement describing the design methodology used, plus a list of the tasks that you completed.
* Design documentation - either pseudo-code, flow-charts or incremental version information.
* Test plan in Excel (2003 or earlier, not 2007).
* A single LC-3 assembly language program.

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