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ExtJs 4 Development

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Job Summary:
Job Type: Project
Budget: $ 100-250
Required Skills: AJAX, Javascript, Web Design / Development, Website Development, Website Programming
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Status: Closed for bidding
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Award Reliability: 4 posted 0 paid
Location: Davie, FL, United States
Member Since: February 1, 2012
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Instead of going through all of the confidentiality formalities having you sign NDAs, etc. I will only reveal the “Functionality” needed for the app. This way, we get the project moving quickly and you get paid faster.
In a nutshell, the app will have several features from gmail (rows of data and shift-click checkboxes) as you will see below. If you don't already have a gmail account, I suggest you create one because I reference different functionality from it in different portions of the requirements.

Use ExtJs as the main app framework! Whatever ExtJs does not have built in, utilize JQuery. Cross-browser compatibility minimums: IE7+, FF3+, Chrome 3+ and Safari 6+.
All data exchange between client and server should be plain ajax passing json data. No REST/SOAP, etc.
If you have good design skills, that will be a plussss! This is the smallest of 5 other very large projects I have to build. Seeking a long term, dependable, fast, good coding-practice development team!
1. Rows of data will come from an ajax call passing json data (you can create your own data).
2. Each row should have a check box next to it (furthest left column). You should be able to hold the shift key to select a group of checkboxes like in gmail (commonly known as shift-click). See these two examples: and . We will also need a checkbox at the very top and bottom of all data rows that would allow a user to select all rows.
3. Upon selecting checkboxes, just like in gmail, certain options will become visible at the top. When checkboxes are no longer selected, the options disappear. The options should also disappear after the user selects “delete, move, etc.” (which are some of the options) because there will no longer be any check boxes within the modified data rows.
4. Using a small gear icon at the end of each row (furthest right column), when the user clicks on it, it will open a tooltip that displays many other icons. Each of these icons, upon hover, will display the “task/action” of that icon. For example a star icon may display favorites when hovered, a heart icon may mean that you love it. If ExtJS cant do it beautifully, there's a VERY good tooltip library that I've used before that can do exactly this! . The options-tooltip should stay open even after click any of the options on it. Only one tooltip can be opened in a data row table at any given time. The options tooltip should have a small close icon top right to close it. Clicking anywhere on the page (outside of the tooltip should also close it)
5. For now, the core option types are:
• add to favorites [upon toggle-click, display “saved to favorites” with icon change. toggle-click again to remove from favorites]
• add to… [dropdown of options –or- create new (which brings up a small popup window form. Main fields: title, description [save button / cancel button])]
• add tags [small popup window; tag form field that will populate preexisting tags that can be x-ed out [save button / cancel button]]
• add notes [popup window, notes field, rich text wysiwyg [save button / cancel button]
• relate to… [Tab 1: popup window with search capability and live-grid of pre-populated data rows with checkboxes, Tab 2: Favorites with checkboxes, Tab 3: Public Suggestions [save button / cancel button]]. Save button will save all checkboxes from any of the tabs. Javascript will eliminate duplicates before passing data to server.
• view comments (from others)[popup window like the ExtJs forums]
• share this (social networks)
• email [popup form window; fields: email address]
• see related videos...
• *** All popup windows should reference the row name / action being performed in its header area like [add tags] to [row name].
• *** there should be clear success/failure messages for each action for all options.

Notes for bidders who also do server-side programming:
I may consider the same company to do the backend development as well but not necessary. If you would like to be considered for the backend development of this project, consider the following.
Server-side Language: I would prefer it being built in ColdFusion, however, I’d consider it also being built in PHP as a secondary.
Database: 1st preference: Amazon’s New Dynamo service; 2nd preference: Cassandra DB; 3rd preference: MySql.
If you would also like to be considered for the server-side development, please provide a separate server-side quote within the notes. Once I am done with the development of the client-side development of this project, I’ll invite you to bid on the server-side development as well.

You may not start working in this and any request before your bid is accepted. Users who violate this policy may have their accounts permanently suspended.

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