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Service Providers Area - Getting Paid FAQ


Is there any policy on GetACoder to guarantee payment for a job?
If some problem arises regarding payment on a fixed-price job (question or project) or hourly job, you may contact our Dispute Center by following these steps: log in to your account, go to the \"Provider Activity\" area and click on the \"Dispute Center\" link in the corresponding tab. Our Dispute Center will then evaluate your case and determine your eligibility to receive a payment.

How does payment work on GetACoder?
Payment is assured via the secure milestone/hourly payment system. With this payment system, you are fairly paid for your efforts on each job you are awarded. Moreover, throughout a job\'s development, you can see the payment in your account.

What is the difference between the milestone payment and the hourly payment?
There is the milestone payment and the hourly payment. The milestone payment is used in fixed-price jobs (question or project), while the hourly payment is utilized in hourly jobs. With the milestone payment, payment can be fully released by the Buyer when job is 100% completed to his satisfaction, or it can be released in several instalments previously agreed with the Buyer. Ensure that the percentage of work performed matches the percentage of milestone payment that the Buyer made available. Providers must not work on a fixed-price job if there are no milestone payments in the \"Incoming Milestone Payments\" table to pay for work. Otherwise, the Provider cannot have the assurance that he will be paid by the Buyer. With the hourly payment, you are paid on a time basis as work unfolds. For that purpose, there is a data logging system that keeps a record of the working hours. In order for Provider to be paid, logs must show that relevant work is being done, valid work memos are being filled and regular communication is being kept with the Buyer via Instant Chat System. From time to time, Providers are advised to check whether time is being logged correctly.

How much will I earn as a Provider on GetACoder?
On GetACoder, we provide the required platform and features to build a career with top earnings, but the amount of money you may earn depends on the way you manage work and how you deal with the remaining users. However, one thing is for sure, if you achieve a good reputation and receive high rating scores, there will be an amazing growth in your earnings.

What are the payment options available on GetACoder?
You can receive your payments wherever you are and it is as easy as submitting a withdrawal request, by following these steps: log in to your account, click on the \"Withdraw Money\" link and select the payment option, i.e. MoneyBookers, GetACoder Card, Wire Transfer and Pecunix. Before submitting the withdrawal request make sure you have read the information about the corresponding costs. Also note that you cannot withdraw less than $100 at a time.

What is the pay rate charged by GetACoder?
When it comes to fixed-price jobs (project or question), Normal Providers are charged a 10% commission of the total bid amount, plus a $5 fixed fee, while Premium Providers are not charged the $5 fixed fee. In hourly jobs, Normal Providers have a 10% pay rate, which is applied to each payment sent by the Buyer, plus a $5 fixed fee. Premium Providers are exempt from paying the fixed fee.

When do you collect the fee?
It depends on the job type. When a fixed-price job (question or project) is successfully awarded to you, meaning when the Buyer selects your bid and you accept the job as well, fee is automatically applied to your account. In hourly jobs, each payment that enters your account is a net payment, to which the 10% pay rate has already been deducted.

If I work more than scheduled on an hourly job will I get compensation?
If you work more than scheduled on an hourly job, you may use the "Add Offline Time" feature in the "Team Area" tab, in the "Provider Activity" area to apply to be paid for those extra hours you worked. It will then be up to the Buyer to decide whether you are eligible to a payment on that additional work.

In fixed-price jobs, can I receive a partial refund on the commission charged if I don\'t invoice the buyer the entire bid amount?
No. Once a fixed-price job (question or project) is successfully awarded on GetACoder, the corresponding commission is automatically applied to your account and no partial refund is possible once the awarding process is completed. We advise Providers to carefully discuss a task\'s price before actually accepting it on GetACoder. Then if necessary you may submit a new bid with the correct amount to replace the former one.

How long does it take to receive a withdrawal from GetACoder?
If you are a Premium Member, you will receive payment within 5 business days. It can be up to 20 business days if you are not a Premium account holder.

What is GetACoder?

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