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Top User Interface Design Tools

The prosperity of internet apps or web page is based on just how effectively built the user interface is. Styling a very good user interface nonetheless is definitely challenging process. A designer’s methods as well as style and design selections usually have an effect on the visitors of a website site, applications or generally any user interface or service he has designed. Every designer on GetACoder desires to create things that are high quality, valuable for users and also offer a pleasurable experience. Along with creative ideas and the drive to work hard, a freelance designer also need a good set of interface program resources to accomplish the job correctly. There are a host of different resources that allow a designer to create a UI of their dreams, and here is a list of some of the most effective I’ve found this year.


This program allows you to design wireframes that are navigable and clickable. This help UI designers see how the application or website will work prior to going live. The active feature is great for fixing bugs and tweaking points to perfect clarity. You can also bring others in to view your design and offer their comments. There is a free version, but the full program will run you around a hundred dollars. In my opinion, it’s worth a try.


This program allows designers to make dynamic mockups with the help of excellent widgets, clip art, native controls, icons and much more. There is a lot of preloaded graphics that can be used as a base for the custom UI’s.

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

This tool has the ability to function as an eBook for ease of use. You also have apps that can be used on your tablet devices for on the go retouching. There are a large number of options in the program which make it a robust piece of software to own. The same number of programs also makes it a little tough to learn straight out of the box. It’s currently the highest rated on the market and has a lot of intuitive elements that make it a delight to use.


This innovative tool is great for wire framing and fast mock up creation. There is an added feature which allows teams to collaborate and work on the same project. This is great for larger assignments that several freelancers will have a hand in. The controls are simple and easy to use for all skill levels which make it a good deal for only $80.

Xara Designer Pro 7

Good design software is essential for any dynamic UI. Photo editing, print layouts, online layouts as well as vector image creation are what lend the professional polished look to all of your work. Xara Designer Pro 7 is the perfect solution for addressing all of the need in one powerful package. The interface is highly user friendly and offers ample space to let your creativity flow. There is no tech support, so you will have to use the tutorials to get a feel of how to work the software, but its so user friendly that it isn’t an issue.

There are a lot of programs on the market; I would love to hear which ones worked well in your user interface design projects.

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