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Meta Tagging for Freelance Writers

Often a freelance writer will come in contact with projects where the client may be looking for someone who can create web page content. This is different then article writing as in simple article writing, the client purchases a word document from you, and uses it however they choose. Article submission sites are the most common, while some will turn over the document to their own web master, who will then create a page, tag and SEO the content, than publish it.

Learning to actually create the content for a web page in this manner is not as hard as it may sound. GetACoder will often have freelance writing positions that will include the tagging for the content but normally also include more money than an average article.  However, it does require some very basic html coding as well as the knowledge of keyword importance, meta description tagging and meta keyword tagging. For an example, the keyword phrase will be Remote Control Toys.

Meta Title Tag

You will need to create the meta title. This title is what the search engines short description will show below the link to your article. This is not the same as the article or blog title. A correct meta title tag for a remote control toy site would read:

<title>Remote control toys such as boats, planes, trains and cars can be a great source of family fun. Rc trains, rc boats, rc cars and rc planes are available here </title>

This explains what the searcher can expect to find on this site. Make sure you get the keyword in as early as possible in this description as only the first sixty characters and up are displayed on search engine results, depending on the search engine you are browsing.

Meta Keyword Tag

Meta keyword tags are of the utmost importance. This is similar to keyword tagging you may already be familiar with in some freelance blogging requirements. Entering keywords or keyword phrases into a web page is very similar. The only difference is once again, the requirement for the hmtl coding surrounding the keywords. As well as the format of the tag itself. Between each keyword a comma is required. The remote control toy company may have a page that has the following meta keyword tag. This would be an appro

<meta name=”keywords” content=”remote control toys, remote control cars, remote control planes, remote control boats, remote control trains”/>

No more than five keywords are required or encouraged. Make sure that the five you pick will be the best way to get across the point of the content page itself.

Meta Description Tag

The meta description tag will give a bit more of a visible description than the title tag does. This is also information that is seen first by people who may be browsing for your topic. Again make sure to get your main keywords in the first few words of your meta description tag. This is also a tag that requires the html coding to be copied.

<meta name=”description” content=”Remote control toys and products. Find the remote control toy for your loved one among the remote control planes, trains, cars and boats on our site.”/>

One very important aspect of the meta description tag is to always remember to end the description with a period. Without the period it is incorrect code.

Your View from the Search Engine

So if the above tagging elements are applied and you go to a search engine the site and short description would look similar to the sample one below.

Remote control toys such as boats, planes, trains and

Remote control toys and products. Find the remote control toy for your loved one among the remote control planes, trains, cars and boats on our site

Why is Meta Tagging Important for a Freelance Writer?

Plain and simple. Money. Outsourcing employers who are looking for someone to keep their site updated will have to pay a freelance writer to create their content as well as a web master to code and upload their content. This can also take twice as long. It is much better for the person who wrote the content or informative article to be the one to create the tags, as no one knows better what keywords are included in it than them.

It is not uncommon to make twice the amount for a full page of web content including all meta tagging requirements. Additionally, and of utmost importance. Never copy paste any coding from a word or office document into a blog or a web page. Always paste directly from a text pad that has no formatting. Although you cannot see it, word documents and other office program writing documents contain hidden formatting that can throw off the content you paste into the site.

Joy Lynskey is a married mother of two sons. Joy’s career has included a wide variety of employment which has given her great knowledge on a large amount of subject matter. Joy has been a freelance writer since October 2001 and regularly writes for strict write sites such as Associated Content, Ezine Articles, Bright Hub and Suite 101. Additionally Joy is a published author in the field of  Psychology. Joy is one of several freelance writers on the GetACoder Blog team.

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