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Staying on the Straight and Narrow

As a provider on GetACoder, it is your responsibility to provide honest information and to not participate in illegal or immoral activities connected to your work. In many cases, when you do something illegal or immoral you will have to face dire consequences. So, before you think about doing something to save time or cut costs, take a minute to consider what might happen as a result.

Pirated Software

Downloading pirated or illegal software can be very tempting, especially for freelancers. Many programs that are used for design and programming can be very expensive. Operating systems can be expensive as well. However, downloading pirated software or copying software can lead to a number of problems.

First, if the authorities find out, you can be fined or even arrested. In some cases, you might even end up in a lawsuit. Second, especially with operating systems, it can be hard or impossible to update your software, which means after a few months, it is no longer useful. Additionally, this can leave your computer more open to viral attacks in some cases.

Instead of being tempted, you could see about sharing software with a friend or joining a co-working space (you can find these in larger cities) that gives you access to programs like these. Also, if you need to buy new software, you should plan ahead and give yourself time to save up.


Plagiarism is a common problem, especially for freelance writers, but plagiarism can also occur when someone uses a design or something else that they did not create as their own. Many people can be tempted to plagiarize in order to save time.

While you likely will not get arrested for plagiarism, you will almost certainly lose your job if your buyer finds out what you have done. This will likely result in a bad review, and you might even end up with a bad reputation. This can make it harder to find jobs in the future.

False Surveys

Whether you are answering surveys on GetACoder, for a job, or just in general, you do not want to give false answers. Many survey sites will ask questions before they let you take the survey (to see if you are in the right group to take the survey), and you should answer these truthfully. Do not lie just to be able to take the survey. If you do lie or provide false answers, you can sometimes get booted from a survey site, and you are causing the survey to be less accurate.

Untruthful Profiles and Portfolios

When you create your profile and portfolio  you must be truthful. You should not add skills that you do not have, and you should not overinflate your skill level. Additionally, you should not add sites or work examples to your portfolio unless they are yours. If you worked with someone else, on a website, for example, you need to give credit to the other person as well. If a buyer hires you based on an untruthful profile/portfolio, then he or she finds out the truth, you will likely get fired and receive a bad review.

Overall, it is best to avoid doing illegal and immoral things. Your pocketbook might be a little lighter, but you will be happier overall. If you find out that anyone is doing something illegal on GetACoder, you should report it to the administration.

Caitlin Clarke graduated from the University of Mississippi in May of 2010 where she attained one bachelor’s degree in International Studies and another in Spanish. She began working as freelance writer shortly before graduating. SEO articles and blog writing are her specialty, and she claims to have written just about everything. Caitlin is one of several freelance writers on the GetACoder Blog team.

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