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Building a Multilingual Website

For years, the media has been parroting the mantra that the world is now smaller because of advanced technology and that a global community now exists. This means that an individual who toiled at a job that sold locally because there was no way to influence people globally now has the opportunity to sell anywhere in the world. Freelance contractors can go on GetACoder and find work wherever. While this reality is exciting and liberating to some degree, it is also fraught with challenges.

Issue number one for any business revolves around communication. How do you get your product into the hands of as many people as possible? If you are in Kansas and they are in Turkey, how does that person even know you exist? And, if they do somehow find your product, how can they really know what they are getting if the English text is foreign to them? The answer is to build a site that has translation capability or carries text in different languages.


Platforms for translation exist and have helped many websites gain consumers that would normally be outside their scope. Google has a great interpretive translator that is easy to read and only requires the user to press a button to access. The translations are already available, the user does not have to do anything himself (other than pressing the button).

Carrying Different Languages

A multilingual website will likely have text in both a universal language (such as English) and one or more languages native and familiar to customers. An Asian grocery store site may use several different languages as their primary customers come from many parts of the continent, but they also want to serve the English speaking world. This means that they need to have a reliable translator available for the languages not familiar to them. They may also need to send the text through several different people to make sure that the advertisement or text says what they intended it to say.

Grammar can be a difficult part of this process because it can vary greatly from one language to another. Make sure that the text makes sense in the languages foreign to your own. You may be required to hire several people who understand the foreign language so that grammatical inconsistencies can be caught.

Besides these tips, building a multilingual site is the same as constructing any other platform. Sites that work with people from all over the world, need to have instructions in a great many languages so that they can reach the maximum possible audience. Building an attractive, user-friendly site is as important as getting the language right.

Since the world is getting very small, most websites will need some form of translation software. Look at several different possibilities and choose the one that best fits your purpose. To reach the greatest number of consumers, building a language driven platform makes sense for both the large and small business owner.

Sasha Brown is an experienced article/essay writer with over 8 years’ experience in writing. She was born and currently reside in Jamaica and she genuinely loves to write. Everyone appreciates the basic functions of writing, whether those may include self-expression, persuasion, communication, and so forth. There is no assignment she does not feel she can be a quality contributor to and she spends a lot of time creating new and relevant content. Sasha is one of several freelance writers on the GetACoder Blog team.

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It Really is a Small World

One of the most popular rides in Disneyland in the mid 1960’s was It’s a Small World. It opened officially there in 1966 after being transferred from the 1964 World’s Fair held in New York City. This wonderful ride, which is hardly as high tech as newer ones, has been an important addition in all of the Disney parks worldwide since. If you have had the pleasure of taking this adventure you probably could not help but smile and feel a little bit attacked by warm fuzzies. The main theme, unity and peace around the world, is displayed with over 300 dolls, representing everywhere on the planet, dancing and singing It’s a Small World After All. Actually, for its time it was pretty high tech, and it certainly is a delightful treat for both children and adults.

Around this same time period, a social psychologist named Stanley Milgram went to work conducting studies to enhance previous research concerning “six degrees of separation” and the idea of “small world” phenomenon. This of course was way before the internet, social networking and outsourcing, at least in their present forms. From these concepts, movies and games even manifested, and although some “experts” dispute the findings, most of us have experienced this phenomenon many times in our lives.

When we landed in cyberspace, the steps or degrees between all of us just might have decreased.  Now we can meet people from all over the world through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and yes, it’s true, with outsourcing.  Not only will you meet new people, but you will most likely be amazed at how often your paths cross. You can be teamed up with someone for different assignments or hired by a buyer through GetACoder, who lives thousands of miles away, and the next thing you know you will be wishing them Happy Birthday or asking them about their family. You will also notice names appearing over and over in spots where you hang out, or should we say “lance out.”

Many studies have shown that the social interaction requirement we have as human beings can definitely be filled by online sources. The quantity of acquaintances discovered online possibly does more to stimulate, not hinder friendship.  It is not unusual for people to open up and draw new friends in when they are not meeting face to face. And, the whole global community of freelancers can also inspire individuals to meet in person locally based on a common reality. The world of outsourcing and freelancing not only provides a great place to exchange fair money for work that is assigned; it also offers a social arena that is large and expanding.  Who needs an office water cooler anymore?

Even though Toddy Dieckman just recently started writing as a freelancer, she has been a writer and entrepreneur for over 35 years. Along with that she raised and home-schooled 5 kids. Now she enjoys some business consulting, running an e-commerce site, blogging and submitting articles along with taking on writing assignments that fit her experience. Toddy is one of several freelance writers on the GetACoder Blog team.

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