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Newcomers, Be Aware Of Scammers

Have you wasted time and effort in applying for unanswered or unpaid jobs?  Or have you ever been deserted by a provider after receiving your money? These things may happen to you if you are not careful in dealing with suspicious freelancers. You can avoid being scammed, if you know how to spot the scammers.

There are a lot of scam buyers out there, with a simple purpose, to get free services.  The following tips can be helpful to spot if certain buyers are genuine or not:

Spam job posting – In some cases, scam buyers are easily determined through their spam job postings. One example is a hiring for a fast writer who can finish 100 (1000 words) articles in a day. Yes, there might be very a buyer out there who really needs such huge numbers of articles a day but surely this type of posting needs to be reconsidered.

Very cheap price – Some genuine buyers do advertise jobs at very low price. But paying $0.25 per 500 word article is unreal and indeed a clear sign of exploitation to people who are desperate to earn money. In this type of scam, newcomers are the most vulnerable. In most cases, they are desperate to bid for these types of jobs for experience purposes. There are no genuine buyers who would pay for such rate, and if there is, he deserves to be called as scam.

Payment outside the outsourcing platform – Some buyers may seem to be genuine but once the payment system is being discussed, they start talking about other payment methods aside from the official payment system allowed on GetACoder.  Providers should be cautious with these types of dealings because they are ideal ways to avoid payment in the end.

Feedbacks – Feedbacks can be unreliable in some ways. However, it is also a good approach to check out the credibility of a buyer or provider. One or two one-star feedback is acceptable but if the rating is generally very poor, then think twice before you dig yourself a hole.

Free samples – Some buyers asks for free samples as a skill test. Samples from finished contracts are just fine. But if buyers start asking all the applicants for free samples with specific requirements, surely something fishy is going on.

Upfront payment – Scam is not only common to buyers. Some providers also like to earn money without upholding their part of the contract. They will try to bid at a very low rate and ask for upfront payment. Once the payment is made, they disappear without a trace.

Hideliza as a PhD graduate in Agronomy, have written and published several technical papers. She started her career as technical and blog writer last January 2011. As a technical writer, she specializes on topics related to Agronomy and Soil Science and other related subjects. As a blog writer, she have written a number of topics from sports, fashion, dating, relationships, gardening to the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Hideliza is one of several freelance writers on the GetACoder Blog team.

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