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When Hard Work Equals Success

It’s easy to roll your eyes and stop paying attention to someone when they discuss the success of the wealthy elite. Names like Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are tossed about as examples of incredibly wealthy people who worked extremely hard to get to the top. Yet it’s a mistake to dismiss the careers of these men just because you can’t really identify with them. After all, it’s not easy to connect with three billionaires is it? You don’t have to mirror their achievements but one thing you must do is take a hard look at how they achieved their success. One thing they all have in common is hard work.

It’s Your Fault!
They may say otherwise but rest assured, the world’s wealthiest people virtually worked themselves into the ground to get where they are today. They are now in an enviable position where they could retire and enjoy their billions but their work ethic won’t allow it. Each of these men learned at an early age that although they can’t control fate or external events, they could control their individual contribution to their lives. None of these men have a problem with accountability. Instead of blaming others when something goes wrong, take a long hard look at yourself.

You may not have the financial savvy of Trump or the computer wizardry of Gates but you are responsible if you wake up at noon and do three hours of work that day. It’s your fault if you missed a deadline on a project or turned in a sub-par piece of work. Instead of blaming lack of project specifications or an unreasonable boss, hold yourself to account for not doing better. The bottom line is: You can’t always control the results but you can tilt the balance in your favor by giving 100% effort. If you produce a poor piece of work but know you couldn’t have produced anything better, at least you know your limitations.

The most successful individuals make short-term and long-term plans to improve their skills, efficiency andproductivity. If you need to work 80 hours a week to get everything done, do it! Few people ever succeed unless they’re willing to make sacrifices. If you’re in a lean spell in terms of work, start thinking of ways to gain more clients on GetACoder or work on a passion project. Make sure that you work a certain number of hours a week no matter what. Sitting in front of the television lamenting your fate will get you nowhere. Donald Trump became incredibly rich, went bankrupt but rose again to rebuild his empire. Are you that determined?

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