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Mother, Housewife and Freelancer

Freelance jobs give opportunities for those who would like to earn income at home.  Housewives and mothers are among those who can make use of their free time in freelancing. However, being a housewife, a mother and a freelancer is a hard task. It needs a lot of organization, planning, time management and so on to put everything in the right perspective.

Time management

To work as freelancer seems impossible if we think of all the things a housewife and a mother has to achieve in a day. From tending a husband before he goes to work, taking care of the kids’ daily needs, to making sure that everything is in order before everybody is home. With proper time management, impossible can happen and extra income can still be earned. Using up time effectively and efficiently plays a major impact to be successful in accomplishing the main responsibilities of a housewife and a mother and at the same time as a freelancer on GetACoder.

Setting priorities

Earning extra income while at home is great, but priorities have to be set clearly. It would be a shame to sacrifice the well being of the family for the sake of earning extra income. Extra income is very helpful specially this time of worldwide economic financial uncertainty. Family should always come first. But it does not mean that working as freelancer should be disregarded totally.


Regardless how hectic a schedule is, proper planning definitely eases the load. Same is true for a very busy housewife and a mother who wants to do freelancing jobs. A well thought plan enables her to complete things smoothly and most likely give her more free time. The more free time she gets, the more time she can spare on her freelance jobs.

Be Choosy

Tending a family and earning income at the same time is rewarding, but a busy homemaker should only take jobs that she is capable of accomplishing to the highest standards. In freelancing, employers’ feedbacks play a great role in freelancers’ future chances in obtaining good jobs. Thus taking for granted freelancing jobs, even for ones, must be avoided.  Furthermore, the amount of free time should also be considered in deciding what type and how much work to take.

These days, being a housewife and a mother does not mean that a woman’s world has to evolve around her domestic chores. Online freelancing jobs are great opportunities for homemakers to be more productive financially.

Hideliza as a PhD graduate in Agronomy, have written and published several technical papers. She started her career as technical and blog writer last January 2011. As a technical writer, she specializes on topics related to Agronomy and Soil Science and other related subjects. As a blog writer, she have written a number of topics from sports, fashion, dating, relationships, gardening to the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Hideliza is one of several freelance writers on the GetACoder Blog team.

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