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Finding a Niche for Freelance Work

More and more individuals are freelancing these days and many of those freelancers are realizing the importance of working in a specific niche.  To be sure, there are plenty of freelancers who have no specialty, but rather work in a variety of markets, and plenty of those individuals are successful, but specializing in a specific niche market definitely has its benefits.  The good news is there are plenty of freelance niches to choose from, regardless of the type of freelancer looking for a niche.  Writers, web programmers, website designers, and numerous other types of freelancers are beginning to see what choosing a niche market can do for their careers.

Why is it so important for a freelancer to choose a niche?

Many freelancers who are already seeing success wonder why it is so important for a freelancer to find a niche, and the answer is simple.  Working in a specific niche gives a freelancer a certain degree of credibility that they may not have if they work in a wide variety of niches.  This is because working in the same industry over and over again allows the freelancer to learn about a particular niche market extensively, allowing the freelancer to become an expert regarding the subject of the specific niche.  Not only does this have the potential to bring a freelancer more work, but it can also result in higher pay for work too, which is the ultimate goal of every freelancer, to get paid more for their work.

What is the process for choosing the right niche market?

The first step to finding the right niche market is conducting a considerable amount of research.  Even though a freelancer wants to base the decision largely on what niche they are comfortable and familiar with, the decision should also be based on profitability as well.  Every freelancer is in the industry to make money, and it is no secret that some niches are more profitable than others.  Research can go a long way to ensure a freelancer chooses a popular niche to work in.  The second step freelancers should take is studying the niches that they chose, because this will help the freelancer determine how capable they are to work in that specific niche or niches.  Finally, a freelancer should consider what type of other credentials, if any, are necessary to truly become an expert in a specific niche.  After completing these steps a freelancer will be well on their way to benefiting from choosing a specific niche market to work in.

There are many ways to be a successful freelancer and choosing a niche market to work in is one of them.  As more and more freelancers begin to join the market, being an expert is a specific niche will become more and more important to buyers on GetACoder, so why not get a head start and choose a niche sooner rather than later.  Freelancers who do this will have more credibility when freelance work starts to become scarcer and buyers begin to seek out true experts in specific industries.

Michelle Lynn Schmeer is a student at American Public University, with five months left before she will earn a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.  She has been freelance writing for more than three years and has been writing about a variety of topics, including health supplements, business, communications, and travel, just to name a few.  Michelle lives in upstate New York with her husband and two children.  She enjoys reading, being outdoors, and cooking. Michelle is one of several freelance writers on the GetACoder Blog team.

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